Tuesday’s Tiny Post–Thanksgiving Edition

This qualifies as a Tiny Project because it’s a perfect example of workin’ with what ya got.

1.  Need napkin rings for your upcoming holiday dinner.

2.  Use what ya got.



Here’s the tale:  I got out my wedding china which is the vintage Willow Ware I grew up with.  However, I had no table cloth that complimented it.  And our everyday glasses are green.  I was initially unhappy with these things and tried to thrift up some alternatives, but had no luck.  This became a “make it work” moment.

I dug deep into my stash of craft stuff and came up with these things: 

  • A piece of fabric I bought once thinking I’d use it in our kitchen (it still had it’s price sticker on it and was in a tub of craft supplies a year later.  Oops.)  I didn’t hem it.  I just put it on the table.  I’m a rebel like that. 
  • Linen napkins that came from my dad’s mom.  I didn’t iron them, I just washed and rolled. 
  • Craft paper scraps
  • 1 cent stamps

It may or may not be some kind of federal crime to use postage for something other than mailing…I did pay for the stamps though!  I figure they are mine to use.  Please don’t come arrest me, postal people. I love the USPS and mail and stamps.  Truly. 


p.s.  My table’s already set because as I unpack my dishes I have no other place to put them.  Someday we’ll have a china cabinet/sideboard/built-in/something.  For now wedding china lives in a box.  I’m so happy to see it and I’m so in love with my scrappy table! 

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