Can you buy a better morning?

So, can you buy a better morning?  Absolutely.  It cost us less than $5.00.

As fall rolls into southwestern Oklahoma, our mornings grow dark.  It is so difficult to get out of bed in the dark.  Jason and I were complaining about this when (like a light bulb appearing spontaneously above our little heads) inspiration struck!

I bought this little contraption at my local big-box store for about $5.00.  I could have spent up to $15.00 (to go digital and for more bells and whistles.)


What is it?  It’s a timer.  We plugged in a bedroom lamp, set the “on” time for about 10 mintues before we want to get up, and now mornings aren’t so dark and cold!

Simulated sunrise

A few notes:

  • This device is a cousin of the timers available for outdoor Christmas lights.  You could also use timers like this to ensure that lights turn on and off at your home even while you are away.
  • This particular model is analog and actually makes a clicking noise as the timer turns the light on or off. If that bothers you I bet the digital timers don’t do that.
  • As a general rule I’m not a fan of the “warm up” period that many cheap, compact florescent bulbs have.  However, it works perfectly in this scenario as we are emulating a little sunrise right in our house.


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