Another kitchen mini-reorganization

So, since my “retirement” I’ve been cooking A LOT.  (Which is good!)  That has lead to a careful, daily examination of my use of space in my beloved kitchen.  (Remember – we spiffed up our kitchen for less than $800 over the course of a year; it’s not a gourmet space but it’s comfy and it seems to keep us fed.)

The kitchen  has undergone various different organizational schemes (mostly as we add shelving/furniture/storage we move things around and try out different ideas.)  One of my favorite moments was hanging our shelves above our kitchen cart and making a “Baking Station.”  I had a flat surface, bowls, and all of the stuff to make a chocolate cake very easily within reach.

…but things evolve.  The baking setup has essentially been dismantled.  Two things have changed:

1.  I’m baking bread.  Every week.  Tuesday is bread baking day.  Photographic evidence:


I need a surface to knead on (!) and I use the counter above the dishwasher (as it is my largest uninterrupted piece of countertop).  So I’ve been hauling flour across the kitchen rather than using my “baking station.’”  And when you’re using 9 cups of flour at a time, it’s pretty silly to empty it out of the bag, into a cute storage container, and then immediately into a bowl.  We’re cutting out the cute container at this point.  Take one last look at them here:


Adios, flour and sugar containers.  You will be repurposed.

2.  My kitchen cart (the work surface in that corner) actually moved across the kitchen when we brought in a little freezer.




Cart across the room:


Beyond the bread baking and cart moving, another thing has changed: our eating habits.  We’re desperately trying to a) eat healthier and b) eat less expensively.  We’ve been trying new things and expanding our food horizons.  What does this mean practically?  We’re buying new things that we’ve never had to store before.  In this case…beans.

I recently went to the grocery story and walked down the bean isle and pretty much picked up a bag of each kind.  Yup, I did that.  I looked like a crazy bean hoarder.

So I devised a new, cute, cute, cute storage solution for my millions of beans:




I moved my baking items (flour, sugar, soda, salt, cocoa, etc.) into the wooden cabinet across the room.  I put all of my beans into these beauties:


Jealous?  We pulled an entire box of vintage canning jars with zinc lids out of Jason’s grandma’s attic.  I had to wrestle Jason’s sister to get ‘em but I won.  She’s short.  It was easy.   (Just kidding, Janet – there are totally some left for you if you want them!)

Decorative jars are pretty fancy.  One issue?  Knowing what the heck is in them.  Here is my solution to that problem:


I’m pretty pleased with my little project.  Now, who’s hungry for some beans?

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