Tuesday’s Tiny Project

Hang some “art” the cheap way:

1.  Have some art/paper/whatever that you want to hang but can’t afford to frame.

2.  Use paper clamps and some nails to hang it.  (Tip:  sometimes these are called bulldog clips.  Mine were vintage ones I’ve collected over the years; you can purchase new ones at office supply stores/online as well.)




*Warning* eventually this will crease your “art” so if it’s really precious, don’t do this.  This example is a colorful picture from a coffee table book about maps.  It’s not a million dollar piece so I felt ok clipping some clips to it.

p.s.  OMG I hate our crazy textured walls!!!!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tiny Project

  1. I think your textured walls look great and far more interesting that the normal bland smoothness. That’s some character your house has, for sure.

    1. Hope it works well for you! 🙂 We’ve been employing the concept in almost every room in the house! (well, not quite EVERY room…yet!)

  2. Those crazy veins in your walls are pretty creepy! I really enjoy your blog. The pictures of the street were so pretty. Can’t wait to see it covered in snow.

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