A little kitchen update

A thrift store score has found a new home in my kitchen!  Can you spot it?  First, a photo from a few months ago:




A copper hanging basket!  I shelled out $5 for this guy – not sure what they go for new, but I hadn’t seen a copper colored one in a while so I jumped on it. 


Also new to the kitchen this winter, the old crock sitting on the floor (currently housing my potatoes.)  It was at my parents’ house over Christmas.  I said, “I want a old crock!” and suddenly it was in my car and coming home with me. 


The breadbox?  It’s actually been here for a while.  70s avocado green isn’t usually my thing, but this guy is here because he serves a purpose – he holds bread.  I bake once a week.  True story.  (Featured below: a loaf of rustic, crusty bread.  You can find a recipe here.) I think in the long run I’m looking for a more neutral colored box but until I find one we’ll use ol’ Avocado here.   


Also, I’m trying out a new recipe management system.  I’m always hoarding magazine pages or photocopies of recipes I want to try.  If I’ve only tried them once (or haven’t had a chance to yet) they certainly haven’t earn a coveted spot in my 3-ring-binder cookbook (that my sister made me as a college graduation present – how awesome was that!?)  So until they do, they need to live somewhere.  Thus – the clipboard:


On top there?  A recipe for a sweet potato and red onion tart that I think we officially love enough to put in the “real” cookbook.  It’s delish.  Next to the clipboard, I have a mirror hanging in the kitchen. 


That’s an heirloom piece – it was given to me by my mother who inherited from her mother (who, I believe, found it hanging in an old house in Nebraska.  Family – correct me if I got it wrong.)  Heirloom woodwork in the kitchen?  I was torn, but I believe things are meant to be used and loved, not packed away and kept safe where no one can enjoy them. 


Yes, eagle eyes, if you look carefully at my butcher block top, you’ll see an old postage scale.  That’s my sad substitute for a food scale.  I mostly use it when I divide meat to freeze or for produce.  A digital food scale is on my kitchen wish list. 

Haven’t seen enough?  You can always check out the full kitchen tour here (down at the bottom of the “House Tour” page.)  We also wrote about the early work on the kitchen here.    Remember the horrible yellow?  You just thought it was all gone.  There’s only one area of secret shame left:


For some reason, these two cabinet doors didn’t get painted almost two years ago and have been sitting in the garage, being yellow.  I finally dug them out last weekend.  I figured if they were in the kitchen, in my way, looking horrible, I’d be motivated to paint them ASAP.  …it’s been 5 days…

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